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Written by andy

OP Ganymede



6 weeks after the events in Marseille. 

Location: Tripoli, Lebanon: The porous border with neighboring Syria, the vast quantities of arms left over after the civil war, and poorly funded and trained guardians have left Tripoli in disarray. Lawlessness and the proliferation of arms is commonplace, and the city is now regarded as an international hub for illegal arms dealing and smuggling operations. It is a haven for terrorists and organised crime.


A group of wealthy businessmen from Saudi Arabia are scheduled to visit the city, and has hired a private security detail to protect them during their stay. Ravencroft International's recent successes across Europe have won them the contract. The CIA, MI6, and Mossad have all taken interest in this visit. However the reasons why, and to what end, are shrouded in mystery... 



We are proud to offer Operation Ganymede as the third instalment of our 4 part series for 2017. The games will be held at “The Billet – Malta Barracks” in Aldershot. The Billet offers an intense CQB experience that will mean fast paced up close action. 

We’ll start the day with a couple of head-to-heads to get everyone familiar with the site and will then be straight into multi-objective tactical scenarios. The afternoon will be used for our “Tac Ops” events that offer a unique change of pace and a more cerebral experience. 


Timings for the day are as below:


0900 - arrival 

1000 - safety brief/intro 

1030 - game on 

1300 - break (approx) 

1330 - game on 

1600 – endex 


The site is located off Forge Lane in Aldershot (GU11 2RE), see map below. 



Please note that LUNCH IS NOT PROVIDED, and there is no site shop or hire equipment. Players will be expected to bring their own food, water, and consumables. 


Cost £35.00 

Attendance entitles you to one Years free Membership  


We look forward to seeing you there!



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