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Written by Garvey

Getting Into the Sport of Airsoft

If you are not familiar with the game of airsoft, you should start acquainting yourself with the specifics of it in the near future.  While many people have previous experience with BB or airsoft guns, not as many know about actually playing airsoft.  If you have never played before, but are interested in simulated combat and a paintball-like experience (but better!), then airsoft may be for you.


The basics of airsoft are relatively simple.  There are two teams comprised of any number of players, each with their own airsoft guns and accessories.  They go out and try to eliminate the players on the other team by shooting them.  For the fundamentals, that is as difficult as it gets.  There are other types of airsoft games besides team elimination, such as capture the flag, but most people like the former type the most.


You do not even need a lot of people to play airsoft.  Many people find that teams of two or even one-on-one is good enough.  While having more people does make it more fun, you can still have a great time playing with only one other person.


The best thing about airsoft is how cheap it is.  If you are not a professional airsoft player, you can get by with a somewhat cheap airsoft gun, one that would cost about fifty to a hundred pounds.  Other than that, you only need a mask, which costs between ten and twenty dollars, and BBs, which are just a few dollars per thousand.  This is much, much cheaper than paintball, where a thousand balls will run you over twenty pounds.  The cost of airsoft, the ease of starting a game, and the inherent thrill of airsoft are all factors that contribute to its popularity.

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